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Hi everyone as anyone can assume i'm pretty new here but im pretty old in the plant world hahaha!

The seeds i am offering are N. Lingulata and N. Reinwardtiana (a bunch if mixed color clones) they havent been sitting long and i would like to try to trade them with a few people before their chances of germination dwindles.
Their are more N. Reinwardtiana seeds left then N. lingulata sofirst offer i get for something we are looking for gets first choice and then whatever is left i will divi it up between the other people offering. US trades only, sorry :(

Looking for:
VFT 'Dark Ruby Red'
VFT 'All Red'
VFT 'coquillage'
VFT 'Fuzzy teeth'
VFT 'mirror'
VFT 'bio hazard'
VFT 'wacky traps'
VFT 'fondue'
VFT 'triton'
VFT 'yellow'
VFT 'wiky'
VFT '006'
VFT 'black pearl'
VFT 'cudo'
VFT 'bohemian Garnet'
VFT 'little devil'
VFT 'long Red Teeth'
VFT 'louchpates'
VFT 'petite dragon'
VFT 'spider'
VFT 'trev's red dentate'
VFT 'dark knight'
VFT 'angel wings'
VFT 'alien'
*and a few other VFT's

Droseras: *give me an offer* we already have a few cape sundews a lake bagerup and a rosette i cant name at the moment!

Butterwort: *give me an offer* all we have is a tiny planifolia so this is a species we are interested in finding and having aswell:)

Nepenthes: *give me an offer* though my temps are perfect for highland conditions when we finally get the renovaions done or a tank we may be able to care for other types of Nepenthes aswell :)

Bladderwort: *make me an offer* this is another species we have yet to have the luxuary of enjoying and studying id purfer something with leaves the kids you cause ive seen some that you wouldnt see it until u see all the flowers taking over the whole terrerium!

Please pm with offers - i dont expect many of the things listed but i appreciate just looking through our list. And we also have cacti/succulent and mesemb seeda for trade also if anyone has intrests in those instead just tell me what yr looking for and what youd like to trade and we'll see what we can work out :)
Thanks again
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***would also like to add if anyone has interests in other seeds aswell to pm me with their trade and ill gladly throw in some extras that we have left over from sowing mostly CACTI/succulent/mesemb seeds and lotus seeds and some randoms :)
Thanks for the clarification I completely understand. If you find some spare time on your hands & if you wish, a growlist may be very helpful so we can see what you do not yet have in your collection to offer up. I may have some non-CPs of interest.
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Haha sashoke good luck it is a bit of a ramble for sure for all involved!

Also checked our Nepenthes seed tray and seems we got a early one popping up!
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Sorry folks, I'm closing this thread for the time being. It will probably be reopened at some time. Let your emotions cool down a bit and have a nice weekend.


Most of the off-topic material has been deleted. Off-topic in this case is any discussion that does not pertain directly to the items or terms of trade. Any further off-topic discussion will be deleted.

I'll have to say based on the deleted discussion that dragging member's personal lives, personal attacks and trying to intimidate members to leave this board is not acceptable behavior on TerraForums. Whether or not infractions well be meted out remains to be seen. The same rules and standards of conduct apply to the chatbox as well.
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