nepenthes species wanted+ advice needed

hello everybody, I'm quite new to growing nepenthes species, and I don't have any tools which are needed for growing nepenthes and other tropical plants. we have here subtropical climate, and I've grown outside a nepenthes hybrid, but never a pure, rare species. which things are needed to grow these amazing plants (considering rare and hard to grow species), terrarium with led light, greenhouse, etc. what's the best for it? and I'd like to know about more things needed to grow these plants. and I'll add here a species list which are my favourites: rajah, attenboroughii, palawanensis, clipeata and aristolochioides. which one is the easiest to grow? where can I get them, how much should every species cost and which conditions are the best for each one to grow? which one grows the fastest? thank you.

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forgot to say, I'm from israel so worldwide shipping source of plants is needed since we don't have any of these species here.
The main 4 things you need are good water, good media, decent temperatures, and the right amount of sunlight. All the species that you listed except for palawanensisn are really expensive and cost hundreds of dollars(USD). N. palawanensis costs about $60-70(USD) I think palawanensisnis the easiest to grow and to find but I’m not sure. For water it needs to be distilled, reverse-osmosis, or rainwater. For media most people use either pure lfsm(long fibered sphagnum moss) or a 50/50 mix of lfsm and perlite. Light I would do bright indirect light. Use this to see what temperatures it will like
I'd try networking with any other growers in Israel for specific information but I'd assume that you'd have a nursery within your country that imports from Borneo Exotics and Wistuba. As for what would be difficult to grow it'll depend on your climate. For a good portion of Israel rajah and aristo would probably be impossible to grow without active cooling. We'd need more specifics from you to give a better answer.
thank you everybody. I live close to Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva. not sure which zones there are here. will air conditioner water be all right? which more information do you need to know? when will I be able to buy an imported plant from wistuba and borneo exotics? maybe I got what you said at the start wrongly because my english is not really good... for growing palawanensis- do I need to buy A terrarium or something like that? or n. palawanensis will be alright without it?
The water coming off an AC unit is condensed from the air and should be pure. Just check to see that there aren't any oils or coatings on your AC that could contaminate the water. Tel Aviv would definitely be too hot for everything but the clipeata and maybe the palawanensis and attenboroghii. Wistuba sells directly to customers but Borneo Exotics will not, so if there are any BE plants you want, you'll need to find a distributor in your country. Personally, for clipeata and palawanensis I aim for at least 50% humidity, and have heard attenboroughii requires more. If your climate is significantly drier than that consider a terrarium.
thank you very much for your reply! I've actually found more things which I know in wistuba's website, and here are some more options, which I'd like to hear your opinion about: nepenthes deaniana, sumagaya, ventricosa, dubia, flava, spectabilis, eymae, klossii.
From the neps you list flava and dubia will not be possible at all without significant cooling. For highland species like those you want nights of at least 55 F or lower. All of the others should be more tolerant of warmer nights.
thanks! klossii is is out of the list because it's so expensive... any ideas for which carnivorous plants could grow nicely in a terrarium besides the nepenthes species I will choose? and how do plants grow in a terrarium? you just put perlite, orchid soil and moss and than plant your nepenthes and other plants there?
When growing in a terrarium, it's best to do a potted terrarium style, where the plants are in pots rather than filling the terrarium with media and planting them into that. Its much harder to control moisture and preform maintenance that way. Most subtropical drosera and utricularia will be easily grown alongside nepenthes.
thanks! I have more questions, if you don't mind, I'm just a beginner:)
which sizes of terrarium will be enough for the biggest species I mentioned and can grow here?
can heliamphora and dionaea grow alongside with these nepenthes species?
do you have more (basic and special) advice for how to grow at least some of the nepenthes species mentioned above? thank you very much.
A terrarium won't be large enough in the long term. All of the species you've chosen will get to be at least a couple feet across and all neps eventually form long stems. Heliamphora can be grown alongside but they are both more sensitive to temperature and humidity. Dionea cannot be grown next to nepenthes. They require more light and go dormant in the winter.
I know that clipeata won't start climbing. is it still too large for a terrarium? and and when you mean the long term- which species- of which I mentioned- are the slowest growers, and how much time would take for them to be too large for a terrarium?
View attachment 5489 hey, found this one. what do you think? is it a reliable source? recommended? thanks.

You'd have to ask and see if they have the necessary paperwork to mail abroad. Nepenthes will require a phytosanitary certificate and CITES papers, possibly more depending on your country. Some people will send plants without those papers but this can result in legal trouble for you if the shipment is intercepted. I would stick to actual nurseries for international shipping.
I know that clipeata won't start climbing. is it still too large for a terrarium? and and when you mean the long term- which species- of which I mentioned- are the slowest growers, and how much time would take for them to be too large for a terrarium?

can I please have an answer for that? I want to decide which one to buy because I don't know lol

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and will cephalotus be ok with nepenthes too?
Yes, eventually clipeata will get to be a couple feet across. Unless you've got an unusually shaped terrarium horizontal space will run out much quicker than vertical space.

I've never had much luck growing cephs next to my nepenthes. They seem to need more seasonal variation to me
ok. thank you. which sizes will you recommend for a terrarium? do you have any more special advice on growing these neps? are there any other nepenthes species I mentioned which will be suitable for that too? and expect for utricularia and drosera, can any more carnivorous and non carnivorous plants grow with nepenthes? and it's not related, but can I grow dendrophylax lindenii with it?

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and will clipeata get too big for it quickly? and which of The other species I mentioned is a slow grower and will be suitable for a terrarium for the longest time?
I don't recommend terrariums generally because larger ones are usually longer, without becoming much taller or wider. For example, a 90 gallon terrarium is only 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall. Most of the size is length. Almost all neps will grow wider and taller than that within just a few years. A custom enclosure would be much easier to make into something with useful dimensions.
For other plants I can't give you recommendations. Just look at what conditions you expect to be able to provide and see if they match with the recommended care for that species.
Clipeata is a slow nep but even that should make most terrariums feel cramps within just a few years.