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Nepenthes suratensis Emergency Action Required!!!

From S.E. Asian Nepenthes Study & Research Foundation (SEANSRF):

The World’s last remaining colony of N. suratensis is about to be destroyed to make way for a new, gigantic prison complex! There is NO stopping this from happening! Huge sums of money have been invested in planning and permitting and today I was informed that construction will begin in June, 2015! We have 2-3 weeks to rescue as much of the genetic diversity as possible before it is lost forever!

For more information, please visit http://icps.proboards.com/thread/7133
Thats really depressing. I hope they can rescue everything in the area
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That is truly sad news. I recall a similar case in Luzon, where forests were razed to create an enormous golf resort for the Hong Kong Chinese . . .
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A bit of great conservation news from SEANSRF:

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters, June 4, 2015

I am extremely happy to be able to report to you today that through the cooperative efforts of all parties The Department of Corrections, Prince of Songkhla University - Surat Thani and SEANSRF (with additional observers from Klong Cha-Un municipal sub-district, Phanom District, Suratthani, Under HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s RSPG project) have reached an agreement which will allow for a three-month period during which conservation activities to preserve the critically endangered Thai Nepenthes species N. suratensis will be enacted! This agreement will be considered as having commenced on June 1st, 2015 and all conservation activities will be completed by September 1, 2015.

On behalf of SEANSRF particularly, and the supporters of biodiversity around the World, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the officials of the Department of Corrections for their willingness to consider our pleas regarding the importance of this species and their efforts to preserve it from what has appeared to be a looming and almost inevitable extinction event. We recognize that the Department faces immense problems, particularly due to overcrowding of the existing prisons and must consider the welfare of those they are charged with housing alongside their concerns for the environment. Their continuing cooperation in this matter, despite the hardships doing so has entailed, represents a shining example of how government agencies around the World can assist to preserve Nature for the benefit of all, while carrying out their duties.

I would also like to thank Prince of Songkhla University for their leading role in facilitating this agreement. I would further point out that in less than 3 years, this is the second time that PSU's cooperation with SEANSRF has meant that a critically endangered species has been given a second chance at survival! Yet another shining example for Institutions around the World to follow!

There are many others to whom I wish to send my thanks and appreciation; HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Steve LeClurq, IUCN, Sir David Attenborough, Green World Foundation, Sueb Nakhasathien Foundation and far, far too many others to name here…but each of you know you are in my thoughts, and I hope you will feel pride in what you have done to assist biodiversity conservation. Please continue to believe that your efforts can, and do, have an effect!

There remains a lot of hard work to do and the clock is ticking! Fortunately, this campaign has brought out the very best in many institutions, individuals and interest groups. With your continued support we stand to be successful in efforts to preserve the World's last remaining colony of this unique treasure of Thailand's biodiversity.


Shawn Mayes
Secretariat - SE Asian Nepenthes Study & Research Foundation

In addition, there's a Nepenthes surantensis change.org petition.
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