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Nepenthes terrairum - not enough light?

Hi guys.
I have a small "terrarium" (more of a wood box, really) with my Nepenthes there. The terrarium is 2x2x2 feet. I have 2 CFL bulbs (27w and 32W, the lumen output is nowhere to be seen), 1x13W T5 (740 lumen) and 1x36W PLL (1770 lumen). All the lights are 6500k. They are inside the terrarium to help with the temperature. When I first build up the thing, the plants weren't doing so well because of low humidity and high temperatures. It also lacked a reflective surface on the walls. So I bought foil and a ultrasonic humidifier that turns on 15 minutes every hour. Plants started to get better, but I'm having the feeling they are not getting enough light. I got a N. globosa hot lips x albomarginata red from a friend. He was growing it in his greenhouse and the plant leaves and pitchers were of an intense red. When I first put the plant in the terrarium it stopped pitchering. Now with the humidifier it's pitchering again in every leaf, but the plant and pitchers are green. A reddish green, but green non the less.
The thing is I thought that amount of lights would be enough...
How much lumens should I provide for the plants to get red?

Thank you a lot.
Any chance you could share pics of the setup? Also knowing the daytime / nighttime temperatures and average humidity would help (though 15-minutes every hour from a fogger should give you about 90%+ constantly unless it has no lid)

On a 2-foot cube, I would consider using at least a 4-bulb T8 fixture (24-watt bulbs, I think), with two 2600k and two 6500k bulbs. Two fixtures would be even better, since they're almost exactly a foot wide (at least the ones that I have are), and nevermind about the foot of overhang on the ends. Fluoros are brighter in the center anyways. ;)
Sure, i'll take pics tomorrow.
The daytime temps are 33-35ºC (That's 95ºF) The nightime temps are around 25-29C (75 - 84 F).
Humidity does not stay at 90%. When the humidifier is on, it gets to 100% but the rest of the time it gradually drops to 75% (that's the min during the day). It's higher during the night, 80%.

The thing about adding that amount of aditional lights is that I'm pretty sure the temps are going to be too high even for lowland nepenthes. Have in mind my lights are inside the setup. I can always place all the lights outside, but that would make me search for a heat source during winter.
Not necessarily. With a reflective surface such as foil (even more with something like mylar), bright lights would raise the temperature inside a sealed terrarium by a significant amount. It's enough to where I don't need to add extra heating to either of my two terrariums even in winter, and they get up to around 70F just a couple hours after the lights turn on in the morning. That's with the lights being outside of the tank on top of a plexiglas lid.
I see. Do you have any pics of your setup?

So, you think my lights aren't enough?
Im curious to see pictures as well.
And some lowlanders would likely enjoy that if you gave them
Some humidity.
I see. Do you have any pics of your setup?

So, you think my lights aren't enough?

I can get a pic if you want, but it's nothing special. A 40-gallon aquarium wrapped in mylar (far superior to foil, btw), with a one-piece plexiglas lid, and a 4-bulb T8 fixture sitting on top of it.

The reason I think your lights may not be enough is primarily because of the CFL's. I tried using a 100-watt equiv. CFL to grow just a handful of pots of tuberous 'dews. It worked well enough to sprout them, but wasn't enough to develop strong, self-supporting stalks. You'd practically need one bulb per Nepenthes and have it within inches of the top of the plant.

I'm also unsure if having -every- light being 6500k temperature is good in the long run. For all I know it may be fine, but I've always tried to combine 6500k with something between 2500-3000k in equal measure. I'm not really sure if it's necessary, but it's always given me great success. I -have- tried only 3300k and 4100k lighting, and the plants began to grow noticeably weaker and decline after about 3 months, but I've never tried using only 6500k.

Bear in mind, this is only based off of my very limited experience (less than 2 years of growing indoors), so don't be surprised if someone more knowledgable chimes in and shoots my advice out of the water, lol.

One more thing, if you are going to seal off your terr, it's advisable to put some sort of fan in there, (I used a little 4" fan I found for a couple bucks at Wal-mart), as well as make sure there is some air getting in through the lid. For my purposes, the holes I made for my fingers (to move the lid) and the hole I made for power cords seems to be enough, though if you find that it's constantly at 100% humidity you may want to think about adding a few more.