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Nepenthes (thorelii* x campanulata) x ventricosa squat SEED - patrickntd $10

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Up for auction is a generous pinch (let's say at least 20 seeds) of N. (thorelii* x campanulata) x ventricosa squat seed.

The thorelii has an astericks because when I bought the plant, the real thorelii hadn't been properly described, so .. it might not be the 'real' thorelii. The ventricosa is the nice squat reddish form located at UC Fullerton Greenhouse. Here are lower and upper pitchers of the former,
(the one on the right)

and the mature pitchers of the latter

The seed were harvested a week or two ago in my livingroom. The opening bid is $2. I am paying for shipping (you'll get an envelope); US + CA bidders only.

Please PM me when you win with: what you won, and your name and address of course.

*thorelii was a disputed classification back in the day when I bought the plant, so it's some nice red pitchered plant crossed with campanulata. Was an EP cross afaik, from Tony's shop.
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