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Feb 13, 2011
Istanbul, Turkey
Stemrust I have no experience with LEDs so can't comment on the intensity but grow light will work. Drosophyllum doesn't need hardening off at all when it comes to sunlight. Moved from deep shade to 8 hours of sunlight directly - it will only be happy. However, when they are this young they need constant moisture or they die fast. I keep my seedlings' pots submerged in water until they are bigger. They are very frost-hardy, even seedlings will not die under snow (tried it) but growth halts. This is why I start them indoors, they grow better when it's warmer.

Adalea Australian seasons are weird to the rest of the world I hear :) Istanbul's climate is close to mediterranean climate, so it's similar to their natural habitat. Summer time is still risky because in pots it's hard to give them enough moisture without causing rot.