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New From Missouri

My name is Shelby and I am from the Kansas City area! I have just recently gotten into Carnivorous plants and have a few kinds of saras, one vft and... more neps than anyone that is just starting out should admit to. I love neps. I look forward to growing and learning on these forums and maybe finding more things to hoard.. I mean love. Maybe some cephs and.. more neps and.. some pings.. and all the things? lol
Welcome to terraforums :welcome:

Now admit to how many neps you have :jester:
Uhm.. Now? 10.. in something like 2 months.. if one makes it :/ and some seeds but .. I don't know if those will germinate for me but we shall see. Among a few other things.. I think I need a bigger table and like.. 10 more neps if you ask me :p
That's definitely more than I have. Good growing!
Thank you, you too and nice retic I do believe :)
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Yeah, it's a retic, but it's not mine. I only have a California kingsnake and a crested gecko. You got any reptiles?
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I bred cresteds years ago (like.. 6 years ago) for a couple years before that too. I have some left and a Brazilian Rainboa Boa and a chahoua and a gargoyle gecko. Not half as much as I used to but a few lol