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New Greenhouse

Things are warming up here!

This guy was beat up when I got it a few months ago.
Everyone likes Raffs!
More pics! I made a walk-through screen and weighted it with some chain. Wind would push it open, so I used an old speaker magnet and this keeps the shade cloth from blowing around. This is my spring summer set-up where I need less direct light. In a month or so I'll put a couple fans in to help cool things down in summer!



Really like the color of this one.

Small pitcher. Come on heat and humidity!
Hurricane Hermine is rolling through and my greenhouse is still standing! Probably had some 40-60mph gusts, too. I went inside and the hanging baskets were swaying a little, and when a gust would hit the plastic would vibrate or buckle slightly. Just a little shimmy in the frame, but hardly noticeable. I did close the vents and doors to make the structure more solid. Here are some pics!

Awesome Okee

Wanted to keep these protected during the storm

Recently transplanted, trying for a huge mass of Drosera. Lined the metal/pinestraw basket with some plastic gareden fence to keep the sphagnum from falling out.

This Nep loves the greenhouse. There are multiple new growth points forming from the base!

So it made it through another hurricane! Highest wind gust recorded was 65 mph on an Island 20 miles away. Luckily, my greenhouse is on the SW corner near my house. Gave some shelter, but every time I shined the flashlight, it was still there! The next morning the Wife and I went out in some rain gear and checked on things. It was misting and about 15-30mph winds, the doors had caved in a little, and I believe this caused some pressure which blew out one roof panel. We couldn't find it in our yard, so we went in the neighbors yard and found it about 20ft away. Snapped it back together around 630am.

This one fell one the ground

I can't bring myself to cut off the old pitchers!

I keep this Sarr in the greenhouse to see the difference from outside. So far, the colors are brighter and less green and coppery.

My poor Bical :( I went into the greenhouse a few months ago to see a pitcher on the media. At first I thought it may have been a leaf-cutter, but after noticing 4 total pitchers gone I was wondering what was going on. After some CSI, I realized a rat had eaten the tendrils and pitcher rims for the nectar! The very next day I bought a couple rat traps and scolded my Dogs. Ok, I didn't scold my dogs, but I did look at them sternly!
The more I see the slender green reinwardtiana pitchers the more I like them.
Good to see your plants are (mostly) okay! Hope you get that rat situation taken care of.
The rat is no more. Surprised how everything was ok. Was sure I would be walking around the neighborhood looking for plants!
Hey O! Everything except my Pings, VFTs, and Sarrs are in the greenhouse. The Southeast has been in a terrible drought. I needed to get water from my little pond! The water barrel is now outside next to the house. Made some room for plants! I used a little ground-cover cloth to keep out mosquitos, and drilled a few holes in the lid around the outside edge. This helps to catch stuff off the roof. Added some rain gutter to the eave, and plumbed the barrel. I have a hose running to the greenhouse. I was hoping for more pressure, but there was a small leak and the barrel only was half full the last time it rained.


This is the first Bical pitcher since it was nibbled on by a rat! Like the Secret of Nimh here.

Nice Raff pitcher, probably do some cuttings in the spring. Plant has 2 dying pitchers and 2 nice pitchers but is 5 ft tall.

N. Gentle

Really enjoying this one.
If you can avoid cutting the raff (which I would say is more likely hemsleyana than raff based on that shape), don't; they tend to need to be big before they make uppers, and even bigger to flower.
Ok, thanks. It has already flowered, and was ordered as a Raff. Maybe giant, I can't remember. The pic doesn't show how fat it is, makes it look much more slender.
It's already flowered? That surprises me...true rafflesiana is a very chunky plant, and the hemsleyana or raff/hemsley hybrids aren't always terribly thin, but they do have that notable hip somewhere below the halfway point on the lower pitchers which is visible here. Uppers are most telltale though; raff is trumpet shaped, hemsleyana has cylindrical/rectangular upper portions in theirs.
Guess I will wait for some uppers then! This thing had red flowers. I didn't cut them off until they dried up. It also has extremely long tendrils.
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