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new indoor sarracenia, thoughts?

Nov 26, 2010
ive been interested in sarracenia for a while and have had outdoor plants for a few years now, but am starting up an indoor setup mostly for growing from seed. what do you guys think of it so far? i cant decide if i should keep the celophane on or not. its got 2 GE plant and aquarium bulbs, 2 philips cool white supreme, and 2 philips daylight deluxe, all 48in t12 40w. its in my closet on a shelf and im a little concerned with the temps in there. even with 3 fans for circulation, a thermometer in the shade is reading over 90 with the closet shut, 83 or so opened (around the shelf, which is why i imagine it could get very hot inside my "terrarium"). would it be beneficial in anyway to reduce temps further? id think they like it pretty warm but this could dry them out more, hence the celophane. will the celophane reduce light intensity appreciably? or will they simply appreciate the jump in humidity? (...and temperature?).

theyve been setup like this for a few days and seem to be growing.

2 x flava flavas (grew from seed outdoors 1yr)
1 S. Jonesii (seedling from this year, also outside)




this is the only opening in the celophane. the dead spot was already there from outside. tips are about 4 inches from the light, might could use a bit more space.


any tips or advice? or am i on the right track? atleast i dont seem to be killing them

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Nov 16, 2006
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Unless your relative humidity is chronically under 20% I don't see any need to enclose Sarracenia except during germination. I would lose the wrap.

How long do you intend on growing those indoors? For the long term growth and health the plants will need dormancy. Can you provide the light period and temperature cues In cultivation S. flava can easily grow to 2 feet or taller. Do you have sufficient self space and adequate lighting? Remember light is subject to the inverse square law ( 1 over the square root of distance). So the amount of light at two feet is only 1/4 of that at one foot, at 3 feet 1/9t, at 4 feet 1/16th.

Other than S. purpurea ssp venosa or S. rosea and forced growth of seedlings (24/7 lighting, 82°F soil temps from seed to 3 years old) I wouldn't recommend growing Sarracenia indoors in a terrarium or shelf. They need dormancy and grow too tall.
Nov 26, 2010
im just using this for forced growth of seedlings, at about 2 or 3 years of age theyll return to the outdoors. my outdoor seedlings always get destroyed by squirrels and i thought id give this a shot.

thanks for the advice on humidity i was wondering about that