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Nice plants! What's your soil mix?
I have them in sphag, peat moss, perlite, and a very small amount of bark chips
Very cool plant but I think you posted the wrong picture of your Nepenthes burbidgeae...
What proportions are you using? Highlanders tend to like pretty airy soil so it's not common to use peat with them.

Also I'm going to second the statement that it does not look like N. burbidgeae, more like N. burbidgeae x campanulata.
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I'm using quite a bit of peat, I'll have to buy some perlite and change it out asap, thank you. And actually I forgot to include the x campanulata thanks for pointing that out. I'll go fix that lol.
A good default mix for Nepenthes is equal parts LFS and perlite, though you can add some orchid bark in there too.
I'm pretty new around here, may I ask what is LFS?
Long fiber sphagnum - it's just an easy shorthand for dried sphagnum moss. It's often sold as orchid moss if you have any of that lying around.
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Ah I wasn't familiar with that abbreviation. I have a bit I can use, thanks.
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Very cool plants. Are those your first nepenthes? What else are you growing right now?
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I've had two other Nepenthes one of which I killed many years ago and another that I gave away. I grow a few Drosera including a tuberous one I'm trying out for the first time, as well as a Pinguicula 'florian' and Sarracenia rosea. That's all the cps I have although I plan on getting a lot more :)
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I'm glad to see the plant got to you ok. And with all its pitchers still intact! Wait until it has grown a new one before feeding it; it'll need some time to adjust to the new conditions and recover from the trip.
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Thanks for more tips Sarah. I think it is the most adorable plant ever!