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new purp, looks ok?


I just got this s.purp heterophylla through the mail yesterday and potted it up last night. It had all its pitchers trimmed before shipping, and the rhizome and roots looked ok but I noticed today in the daylight that where the leaves come out was a little darker green/brownish - is this ok?


Also, a random pic of my D. intermedia X capillaris starting to maybe wake up:

Yikes, i'm sure it will pull through but it'll probably be a little while into the season before that purp throws out a pitcher. Any idea why the previous owner chopped everything off?
Hrm.... well later pitchers and alive is better than dead. It is their policy to chop off pitchers before sending, so I assume that goes for all Sarracenia. If it starts looking the worse for wear, I guess I can buy a different one later in the season from some place else because I've seen a lot of people selling.
It looks like black mildew to me. This has never had any ill effects on my Sarr's