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New to Sundews, wondering if I'm doing anything wrong

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Hi everyone, new member here,

I'm new to raising carnivorous plants, so I'm not sure if everything's alright with my Drosera aliciae (Named Alice, as I'm not very creative). I've had it for about a week and some days now, and I'm wondering if it's normal for it to have no dew yet? I keep a cool white light about 30cm from it on for 9hrs and keep it in a saucer of filtered water (and refill it whenever it's empty). The temperature's pretty low, but I try to keep it from dropping below about 10c. I live in London and I'm not too sure about the humidity level, if that might be the issue.

I'm thinking I might be getting worried a bit too early, but I figured it'd be best to ask for advice before anything goes too wrong.

Also, some of the tendrils' tips are kinda crispy(?) and reddish-yellowish on the smaller one, which doesn't look healthy.

I attached some images as well, one from when I first received it, and the other two from today and a few days ago, for comparison.

Thanks for any help!


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Your plants look like they have been roughed-up a bit but they seem pretty healthy. You will probably not see dew from the established leaves as it looks like the stalked glands (tentacles) are damaged, which is not uncommon. I see that there is new growth starting so I would watch for that to see if it forms properly, develops dew, what kind of coloring, etc. You might find this from the ICPS Grow Guides useful if you haven't already seen it: Growing Subtropical Drosera | ICPS
Thank you for replying! I'm happy to know that Alice seems generally healthy.

Also, will the damaged tentacles heal over time or will only the newly grown tentacles be able to produce dew?
The damaged cilia (tendrils/tentacles) will never heal, nor ever be replaced on the current leaves. Therefore, those leaves will no longer be able to trap insects. However, they will still perform photosynthesis as they did prior. New leaves will have functional cilia. If the cilia on the new leaves is producing little to no dew, then move the plants closer to the light source will likely solve the problem.
Thank you! I'll watch out for new tendrils then, and see if they start producing any dew.