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I have always wondered about venus fly traps, and I always thought they must be really expensive. Wow, I was surprised. My first question is this: I live in MN, Can I leave it outside in the summer AND winter? You say they need a dormant period. Is the winter here too cold? Is the summer too rainy? My refrigerator isn't very big and I don't think my girlfriend would let me leave it in there even if I wanted to. Also, how do you know how much water it needs? Thanks.



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During the summer you should be able to grow them outside but I think it'll get a bit too cold in the winter (though I could be wrong so don't take my word as an absolute.) If you can't fridge it for winter you can try keeping it in the coldest room in your house right next to the window or in a well lit garage. I have also heard of people putting their pots in one of those cheap styrofoam coolers and packing around them with hay and leaving it out side but I have never tried this and can not vouch for how successful it would be.

As for watering I'd recommend you just read here, check out the CP FAQs and maybe go out and find a copy of 'The Savage Garden' Those will be your best sources for general information and help you get specific information as needed.

Hope this helps

If you have summer temps of around 20-35 Celsius then you could leave a VFT outside, as long as it was mostly dry and not too windy. In winter I would recommend the fridge/cold place method - any frost or excessive moisture will freeze or rot the plant, especially in a pot.
In spring, summer and fall it should permanently be in a saucer of distilled water. In winter or in a fridge it shouldn't be in any water as the cold will keep it damp.
Have a look at and look at Wilmington, NC to find out the climate they live in.



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