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Nutrition Caresheet For Toads and Tree Frogs

Feb 17, 2019
I have put a lot of thought in what care articles I want to make for the year. I still plan on an updated gray tree frog and American toad article as well as a few others, but I see a serious need to create a nutrition article on what you use as supplements and maybe I'll explain some good feeders in the article.

I feel this is very important to me and very important for keepers of the northeastern amphibians and I hope to help make everyone's animals much healthier with this article. I don't have a degree in Herpetology (yet) but I do have some great sources and a lot of experience to offer. You do not have to accept my article as 100% absolute truth. It's just from my perspective and I hope to encourage someone with this article and it saves their animals life.

I'm not an expert in all frogs I am heavily focused on the ones I want to research so this will only be applicable to specific species.

My main group I'm going to provide care for in the article are:

American Toads
Fowler's Toads
Southern Toads
Spadefoot Toads
Gray Tree Frogs
Cope's Gray Tree Frogs
Squirrel Tree Frogs
Green Tree Frogs
Barking Tree Frogs

This can apply to other tree frogs and some toads, but mostly the animals we are able to own legally. So the Pine Barrens Tree Frogs should not be considered pets.

I will give some updates on this and I'm asking for people who keep these animals or people who are curious about this article for your input below. I am still going to write it even if someone tells me not to but what would you like to see out of this article?


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