Oddly shaped trap (pic inside)


Can you spot the mutant trap?

Weird eh.  

Should I split this VFT?
weird , a pregant vft
. i've enerv seen that before . the only mutant flytrap i ever seen was one i had with only one side of the trap .


Far too old to grow up now.
Okay, Its probably because I am mostly asleep, but I can't see it....
I see one petiole that doesn't seem to have formed much of a trap, plus a cup-trap type trap near the bottom of the pic.

These are one-time only "mutations" that happen on leaves of all geni now and again. These traits will not carry on through divisions, cuttings, seeds, etc, and will likely only happen once or twice in the life of the plant, assuming you don't live by a nuclear reactor

Here's another example of a single slightly mutated leaf, in this case on a drosera capensis:



the end of the leaf kind of curls backwards in two "fingers". So far, three leaves in a row have similar traits

Hi Larry,

Yes he did, the famous capensis 'crestate'. I bought a pot, but they reverted back to the normal capensis growth almost immediately, and continued to do so for almost a year before they died (I think).

The capensis pics shown above are of the normal clone.