Ok, my trap rotted... it shouldn't have

Ok, Ive managed to keep my vft alive a few months... every trap rotted off I didn;t know why.

Now, i finally got it back on its feet... fed it a bug (1/3 of a fly i caught off my dogs pooh)

well I put it in the trap, and waited and waited and BAM tonight I see a rot mark. ******* EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

anyways here pics:







Ok, you can see that:

1. I made SURE that it was not big. It was perfect size.

2. It was not wet... straight off a peice of pooh.

3. I did not during this WHOLE time even touch the trap with water

Now as you can see it started to brown, so I cut it off, opened it and saw the bug was molding (white mold)

Why why why? I tried soooo hard. Ive lost like 15 traps and counting... why do they mold up?
This won't help fix the problem but my plants traps do that too. No matter the size of the bug they rot. The plant thrives though so I don't worry. The plant still gets the nutrients taht it needs and there's still new ones coming up all the time. If yours is like mine I wouldn't worry. Hope this helps. Shauntell
Should I just sunlight and water it? as is no bug feeding?

Ive noticed one thing though, the only trap that didn't rot had a ant in it.

Should I feed it ants (I smacked it and killed it)

?? they dont seem able to rot?
if you picked the fly off the "poop", then it may have had some of the feces on it, which is probably why it rotted. if not, then im not sure why it rotted either...im still a newbie too..lol
i have found every time i feed my plant a bug that is dead the trap will rot off. I think it is because as soon the bug dies bacteria begin to decompose it. i would try just feeding it live bugs, its more work, but my traps dont rot off if the bug is alive when it goes in
You know it's fun to feed them but they really don't need to eat bugs.....almost never...they do well without them mostly.
So if you want pretty plants just try not feeding them for awhile. The bugs do tend to turn the traps black sometimes.
Anyhow, try not feeding it anymore for awhile and see how they do then.
Good luck.
I noticed that the common flytraps trap seems to rot compared to other vfts (dente and greens). As I use to have a 2 dentes and feed them all the time the traps hardly ever rotted. Since then I have bought a common and the traps tend to rot after feeding it. Of course this is not big study but the common flytraps seem weaker. So I have not feed my common since then and it is doing fine.



It's been one of dem days
I've not had any of my traps rotted by any bugs they catch or that I feed them.  But then, it may be that my traps are older plants and established in their pots.  Like greenhouse 1 said though, they don't need bugs to live.  I'd hold off feeding them until they've had a chance to settle in more and then only occasionally.