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Old-timer just saying hi


Stay chooned in for more!
Anyone remember me? An old friend messaged me in the hopes that I was me and I surprisingly still get E-mail notifications. The last time I was here I had just graduated HS, and since then I have graduated college with a BS in Biology. I don't really grow CP's anymore, except for a few special Sarracenia cultivars I splurged on this past spring and Aldrovanda in an aquarium (ADA 90-P.) I was sort of shocked at how much some of those go for these days haha.

Anyway, I hope all of the old-timers who might remember me are well and just wanted to say hello while I was here answering messages.
Well I certainly haven't been around that long, but if you want to be shocked by prices, look at Nepenthes species...
A haven't even been here a year, but I've seen you in some threads that people necro-threaded. Welcome back!
Hi Clint!
Howdy, Clint. Long time!
Hey Clint, it has been a while - quite a while - great to hear from you. Good to see you haven't entirely gotten away from CPs either.
I remember you ! Welcome back. I just came back last year after being gone for several years as well...
Yes, I remember you! We've followed similar paths actually -- I haven't grown seriously since graduating high school in 2011, and now I'm starting a masters in computational bio.