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OMG I've got a flower growing!!

Hey all!
As you can probably guess, I've not been growing nepenthes all that long. Probably coming up to 18 months or so.
I don't have many, or any rare species, but I love them all just the same!
So I've just noticed that my ventricosa x (talangensis x maxima) (or it could be a ventricosa x talangensis) is growing a flower!
It's not out of its leaf yet so not sure if it's a boy or a girl but it is exciting!
Do I need to do anything different now? And at what point do you pollinate it? How long does a flower take to grow?
This is all completely new to me and I have no idea what I'm doing!
Any help/advice would be great!
Thanks 😊
I wouldn't go so far as that. The seed are really very easy when theyre as fresh as they are from plants you collect yourself. The trades section here and FB have several places to request pollen if your plant is female or offer pollen if its male
Hi Bluemax, it seems incredibly complicated and very hit and miss with the seeds.
Maybe I'll just cut it off 😔

Well the process can be complicated, really all you need to do is just get some pollen (if yours is a female) smack it on a couple of flowers and wait. If yours is a male then the whole pollination thing doesn’t really apply. True, the seeds are very hit and miss when they’re old. If you don’t plan on sowing them recently after harvesting them then you would probably have that problem. I’d say you’d have great germination within 2 weeks of harvesting. You can extend seed shelf life by putting them in the fridge.
I agree with the others - it's worth a shot. First time flowers are always pretty special.
If it's a male I've got a female that might still be receptive when pollen is available, if you're interested.
Thanks everyone!
I would love to have a go at growing some seeds from it. I feel a bit like a proud mum!!
I would plant them straight away as I'd be too impatient to wait!
Just got to wait now and see if its a boy or a girl!


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That does look like the vent x(maxima x talangensis) I've got the maxima x talangensis and it's one of my favorites..
That's looking pretty male. If you take a closer look male flowers are spherical while females are oval to almond shaped
My flower is now free of its leaf and I think its male based on what you guys have said...
I'm in the UK so if anyone has a female flower and want some pollen (when it opens) let me know 😀


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Well, my flowers are starting to open and I'm even more confused than before!
To me, they look female now rather than male...
What do you think?


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Yep looks female! Congratulations! @XIN actually has some pollen rn. Although, I don’t know if he would want to because he’s in the US and you’re in the UK. It would probably cost like a $/£3 to ship 2-way. Also there’s that if both parties want to factor.
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