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Orchid Growers

Aug 11, 2001
I was cutting back on everything I have, fishes, geckos, lizards, turtles, and my frogs. The thing I want to expand is a nice collection of orchid. Maybe, make a homemade orchidarium, or try locating one for a cheaper price. So, I was wondering if you guys can metion any producers. As I would want to start off with a nice collection.

Feb 9, 2003
almost Hartford
An orchidariums isn't cheap and you'll probably find it'll cost more than the plants inside. What kind of orchids do you already have or want to get? Many don't need such controlled conditions, although a lot will depend on where you are. An orchidarium is necessary if you live in a desert or the Arctic tundra or if you want to grow plants that demand special conditions, but otherwise you can grow many orchids without too much hassle. If you decide to make one, you need to consider what plants are going in it so it can be designed to provide what they need. An orchidarium for cloud forest Pleurothallids will be very different than one for Vandas.