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i dont have anything you dont have but maybe if you im me and ask me we may work a deal out
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Hi jeramiah
Do You still have any dorsera's left
Please let me know
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I still have all the Drosera that I listed

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Could i maybe buy some plants and seeds from you
i don't realy have anything to trade yet because i have all my seeds in pots try to coax them into sprouting**)
Let me know
P.S. could you tell me how you start drosera's from seed
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I just wanted to post a very big THANK YOU for the plants you sent to me. All the starts were positively noble both in quantity, quality and packaging. The Utricularia even arrived in bloom with it's fragile scape intact. Thanks as well for your ongoing help, support and generosity to this Forum.

I lost my D. graminifolia in the summer heat, and getting a replacement sure feels great, so thanks as well to whomever shared this plant with you. If it weren't for them (and you!!&#33
, my hunt could have been far longer with less joy.
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Thanks Jeremiah, I received the plants today. I will be shipping yours to you this upcoming week.