Overwintering my tender Sarrs

For the past two years I've been burying my plants under a very large pile of dry leaves covered over by a sheet of plastic to keep the leaves dry. I did that today. S. leucophylla 2 plants, S. minor 1 plant, S. psittacina 1 plant, S. flava 3 plants, S. rubra 1 plant, S. Scarlett Belle 1 plant, 4 pots of VFT, a few hardy orchids, a few S. purpurea since I had the room.

I place saucers on about a foot thick of leaves which contain the plants and then fill with rain water or DI. I enclose them in a wire cage and add leaves on top and around. There is about a 2-3 foot layer between the cage and the outside. I then cover the leaves with plastic sheeting and anchor is down with rocks and fence sections. I then put my tomato cages over top to prevent deer from trying to walk over the pile and puncturing the plastic.
So I finally uploaded the photos that need to go along with this post. I buried my plants on Dec 12 this year.

First photo is the rock pile in my backyard that normally is my compost pile. I moved the pile to the right this year. I put a layer of leaves on the ground to start. I actually have the pile about a foot below grade and water can pool there when we get a lot of rain. That is why I put in a good layer of leaves first.


The second photo is of my plants set into their saucers which will be filled with DI water. I did trim most of the dead material off of the plants first. I removed the pitchers from S. leucophylla since they were taller than most and would not fit.


The third photo shows a fence gate over the top of the plants with the plants surrounded by fencing to try to keep larger critters out. I will fill up the spaces between the rocks and fencing with dry leaves.


The fourth photo shows the plants from ground level before covering.


The fifth photo shows me covering the plants with the leaves. You can see I put finer mesh fencing over the top of the plants to keep the leaves from filling the area around the plants.


The sixth photo shows the completed pile. There is a sheet of plastic over the top of the leaves to keep them dry. This plastic is weighted down with boards, rocks, and other fencing.