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Feb 17, 2019
Hello, I wanted to create a new thread that's more like a blog about my experiences with a few of my major projects. I post all the time about my animals and how they are doing. I have been trying to get more efficient and trying not to keep creating threads, so hopefully this, and along with my other post of my toads will be the only two for 2020 and possibly 2021.

The main points I hope to cover are of my two enclosures and my conservation project. I will try to elaborate on both of them on here. I have created a brand that is on numerous platforms called "PA Woods and Forests." I use my pets and my projects focused on conservation to educate, entertain, and showcase the wildlife of Pennsylvania. The majority of my pets are rescued from bad situations from around the state. I do not believe in poaching from the wild, but I believe people are also able to legally own native animals if they desire, so I create content for people who own or are fascinated by our native wildlife.

I will start with the update of my two enclosures I'm preparing to build. I have an empty 125 gallon aquarium. I am going to keep two different animal groups inside this enclosure. My gray tree frogs that are known by a nickname that is popular among my followers as the "Gray Army." This group is four tree frogs, two male, and two female. They will be joined by a more exotic group, my southeastern five lined skinks. They have a nickname for their group the "Skink Dynasty." One male and one female lizard that have mated so far three times in captivity. The Gray Army and Skink Dynasty have been very popular among my threads and YouTube videos.

Currently, the tree frogs have been quarantined for over a year battling parasites. They appear to be healthy from testing fecal samples. The skinks will soon be tested as well. The Gray Army is going to inherit the 125 gallon aquarium first because they are simply the only clean parasite free animals.

It will be the most followed topic of the three that comprise this thread. I plan on filming and giving updates on the progress of building this habitat. It will be very exciting watching and filming the two popular pet groups under one roof!

The other enclosure is the largest exo terra terrarium they make currently. The 36*18*36 inch terrarium will house my exotic White's tree frogs. The three tree frogs have been in quarantine as well. Luckily they are not sharing their home, so as they are being treated for parasites, they will not contaminate or become a threat to the health of any tank mates.

I am looking forward to showcasing these guys. The "Dumpy Family" is the nickname this group of tree frogs are associated with. I will be building both enclosures and hopefully keeping them on the same stand to have a nice, clean, and eye catching look. These two enclosures getting finished are my top priority for the first and possibly second quarter of 2021. There will be building videos and updates before the fun begins.

I believe in telling stories. Storytelling similar to the Days of our lives and AntsCanada. If you can care about these tree frogs and lizards, then you will care about saving them in the wild. I hope to entertain you with fun and laid back storytelling of the groups of animals. I will show and discuss feeding videos, showcase specific animals, and have more creative ideas along the way. I will focus on providing updates on the health and happiness of the animals and share more details about the animals on forums. You get more details on forums about the animals you can follow on YouTube.

These two stories and building their enclosures are the next big projects for me and the PA Woods and Forests brand.

I have been working on the biggest project ever for my brand and that is Frog Week,2020. It will focus on the frogs and toads of Pennsylvania. I will showcase the animals in their natural environment during their breeding seasons. I will showcase other components to their lives like their prey, plants, predators, and locations these animals live. I have been recording since March 2020 so I have so much to do getting this project ready for release week. I will be releasing a week long series of videos following chronologically the order of breeding seasons these animals have. I caught some breathtaking scenes, and I have gotten much better as a presenter, producer, and filmmaker. I upgraded my tech from last year and I am continuing to pursue growth in all areas of my brand.

The goal I have is for people to care about frogs and toads like they care about sharks watching shark week. I did not copy them, but the idea of dedicating an entire week to the conservation and education of the wildlife of Pennsylvania is a brief opportunity to share with you the career I am hoping to pursue. I want to research the frogs and toads of the Northeastern United States. Frog Week is a project I created to help entertain and educate people about frogs. I hope you will be interested and open to watching my adventures finding the wildlife in the woods and forests of Pennsylvania.

I currently am getting finished with the project, but I have many videos to go. I have a content heavy project coming soon! I enjoy responding to any comments or feedback you leave. I hope you will follow this thread, as it will get very detailed and I will have more appealing content for you.


Groups pictured:

Gray Army
Skink Dynasty
Dumpy Family

Last picture is the Frog Week logo

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Feb 17, 2019
Frog Week Update, news of upcoming vivarium builds...

Hey guys,
I just wanted to create another post since I was on here. It's been a while since I posted an update. I have a few things to cover that are noteworthy. The first point is about Frog Week. I'm excited to release this project because it has taken so much time and many people have helped either to be a member of the crew or to help promote it. I am working on marketing this and making it much bigger than Frog Week 2019. We are hard at work talking about Frog Week 2021. It's crazy we are already filming a little bit for next year's event. We will have even more incredible footage next year because of the continued advances in tech. Cameras, accessories, and many other gadgets will make 2021 a great year for Frog Week. Check out the stand-alone post on here to read more about Frog Week 2020.

The White's tree frogs are getting medical treatment for parasites still. We are getting closer to getting rid of the parasites, but we are going to be more aggressive. So no real updates except they are still quarantined for a while and will be getting aggressive treatment soon.

The last part of the update is centered around the 125-gallon enclosure that will most likely be the first build of 2021. I have to get one fecal sample for the gray tree frogs. If they are negative, then we can begin construction of the enclosure and hopefully finish around spring. I'm optimistic it will happen. It's fun to think I'll have one group of animals in their forever home. They have been in quarantine for many months. I'm very excited to see how the group maneuver around the large habitat. It will be fun creating videos and seeing how they hunt food.

The other side of this specific enclosure is the skinks that will join the gray tree frogs. I'm going to have to get them checked out also. I am optimistic that they will be able to quarantine and get out quick because they don't have the same parasites the frogs had because they are lizards. It will be a great feeling seeing the two major groups together in the massive tank. I am very excited to get this done and have the ability to admire it for myself. This enclosure along with Frog Week 2020 and 2021 will be very important for PA Woods and Forests. It is almost the restart of the brand. With new tech, better editing, and better presentation skills, I am hoping to enhance and repackage the brand into something even better. Let's hope that the White's tree frogs can get better and join in on the remake of the brand. They are a major piece of the storyline as well!

I will update you more on the status of the fecal exams of the Gray Army and Dumpy Family, as well as Frog Week.

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Feb 17, 2019
Hey everyone! It has been a very crazy time with the animals living in the PA Woods and Forests Community. The animals of this storyline are going through many different challenges and situations.

I am preparing samples from the gray tree frogs (Gray Army) soon to be sent to the vet alongside the samples from the White's tree frogs (Dumpy Family). Oh, how the Dumpy Family wishes they had the same luck as the Gray Army. With the next stool sample being their most important sample. It is a make or break situation for the Gray Army from getting out of quarantine, if it comes back negative, the gray tree frogs will have the opportunity to ascend to the bioactive vivarium they have been promised. From a 20 gallon high quarantine aquarium to a 125 gallon 6-foot long habitat.

Let's hope they get the chance. In 2021 I am anticipating getting them out of quarantine and having one ecosystem in an actual vivarium! It's been 2 and 3 years for some animals.

The Skink Dynasty is awaiting the Gray Army to join up in the 125 Gallon. Pharaoh the male skink has been displaying his bright red head because he is in the mood to mate for the third year consecutively with his mate Amsi (female). Both skinks look to be in great shape and I am hoping Amsi will be more active and calm in a larger space.

It will be fascinating seeing the patriarchy of the Skink Dynasty colliding with the co-ed conglomerate of the Gray Army. The grays have yet to produce offspring for me, but they are fond of each other snuggling up to bask and hide. They bathe together at times and have some sort of fondness that may not scientifically be an emotional connection, but especially opposite-sexed animals seem to enjoy each other's company. How will the groups interact? This may be only a few months away from the discovery.

Who will be joining the Skink Dynasty and Gray Army in the 125 gallon? Millipedes? Snails? Others? Time will reveal the answer.

On the other side of optimism is where the Dumpy Family resides. They have been hit hard by the medication to shed the parasites. The medication killed our beloved gray tree frog, Christian in 2019, by him not being able to cope with the side effects, and some toads and the male members of the Dumpy Family are having a hard time coping with the same problem. Max the fan-favorite is doing well. She has already shed the medication. The frogs and toads do this by pooping. Max has gone three times so the medicine and effects are out of her system.

The males have yet to release their bowels as do the toads in their respective quarantine setups. Every day is not promised and it's been difficult seeing quite a few frogs and toads suffering from the medication. The trick is to poop as soon as you can to get rid of the dead parasites and the medication. I am hoping soon in the frogs and toads we will see them overcome the side effects and return to their natural behavior.

Max came to the edge of the tank where both male Dumpy Family members are laying and she stays with them putting her front leg what would symbolize someone putting an arm around a loved one. I never saw her do this before, but it's evident Max cares to some degree about her friends/potential mates. It's been emotional to see her staying with them. We are hopeful the three Dumpy Family members can get through this and hopefully get rid of the parasites and enjoy the 100 gallon Exo Terra Terrarium that awaits them. Send your best wishes and prayers to the frogs and toads of the PA Woods and Forests Community because they need it! I will be sure to update this once the outcome is decided with Spurgeon and Jeremiah.

What I can say is the new series coming to YouTube featuring these three groups I am thinking about naming "Wild Vivariums" to emphasize the idea that we are going to learn about the species living in the enclosures. We will go over facts about the species, and information on the specific animals. What do you think about the name Wild Vivariums? It will have a more laid back narration style with some humor, some cinematic action, and education and entertainment.

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Feb 17, 2019
A Major Update!!

Guys, it's been a wild journey and there is some good news ahead.

The vet said with the last test for the gray tree frogs that they are negative! The Gray Army is the first group to recover from the parasites! They have been negative around a year and finally got approved to move into the 125 gallon. The group of four aren't the only animals going into the 125 gallon. The Skink Dynasty will continue and make the move into the enclosure as well. The Skinks were never sick so there is no risk whatsoever. Who is interested in seeing the interaction between the species? The dominant male skink and the independent, but still dependent gray tree frogs. Bane since hibernating has reclaimed his nickname as Bane The Hunter. He is the most fierce gray. He outcompetes the bigger females. I can't wait to document the breathtaking footage I'll be able to record of Bane hunting. It will be like something from an animal documentary.

The Gray Army- Skink Dynasty merger caused a chain reaction! The enclosure the Skinks are in now will come out of the hallway creating an empty space. I have decided to let the Dumpy Family live in their massive Exo Terra XL terrarium while still in quarantine. They won't have real plants and soil, but they will have fake plants and maybe the bigger the space the less stress and faster the parasites are gone.

3 animal groups are set to return with updates and videos. Are you excited to see how these animals are doing?

I have a spoiler to reveal as well. After a long and we'll thought out process I have decided to split up my toads and create a second enclosure featuring Wellsboro and Navi. There will be 4 groups featured in the upcoming series "Wild Vivariums". I am looking forward to filming and compiling the footage from frogs, toads, and lizards that many who follow my work are immediately familiar with the animals. It's setting the stage for a star studded storyline. Max, Pharaoh, Bane, and Wellsboro will be the stars of the same story. I can't wait to begin filming the building process of the 125 gallon and to begin the storyline!


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