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PAID (Acro $48) Pick what you win! (13 CPs listed)

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Watch the video, but here is the basics, if the video and this text contradict eachother, the text wins (IE video says 240 spuh is "a" cutting, but it will be multiple)
I'm offering a lot of different items in this listing because I kept seeing things to offer and couldn't pick one. (I know I missed some, but I'm not going back lolz) You don't need to list the item you're interested in when you bid. The winner will tell me which ONE offering they want and that item will be provided.
Shipping will be $8 for any of the items. Items will be shipped bare root, wrapped in sphagnum or whatever is appropriate for the item you choose. USA only
PM with any questions if it's not completely clear on what I'm offering before bidding.
$2 starting bid

1) N. ventricosa x inermis (rooted/established cutting, living in water cup)
2) N. mini maxima fresh cutting, smallest growth shown in video
3) N. veitchii (k) '2' x N. veitchii (Candy Stripe x Candy) seedling, pick ONE plant from my tray (one photo will be provided to pick from)
4) N. 240 "spuh" unknown hybrid fresh cuttings (multiple)
5) N. x [chaniana x veitchii] fresh basal cutting
6) N. 'Velvet' fresh mid vine cutting with decent growth from activated node
7) Cephalotus "PM1" 3 fresh leaf pullings
8) S. 'Reptillian Rose' Not only does it look good, the lid smells like a rose!!
9) S. purpirea ssp purpurea f. heterophylla (whole plant)
10) VFT 'FTS Maroon Monster'
11) VFT B52
12) 1" cutting of U. cornigera (U. 'Big Sister') huge pads and beautiful flowers!
13) *whispering* D. burmannii (and 2 more D. burmannii)

*Bonus game!!* If this listing has the MOST bids (not necessarily highest price) I'll do an extra giveaway to someone with a valid bid on this auction listing after the auctions end. So <suggestion> bid the minimum allowed, but bid often! :D
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This item is paid, please arrange shipping
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Received, thank you!