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(PAID) (adnedarn $54) follicularis "PM1"


Lotsa blue

This is the actual plant up for bid. Below is a photo of a mature plant.


The Cephalotus “PM1” clone is the pick of the litter from ICPS Seed Bank seeds that Phill Mann donated from his collection and John Brittnacher started in 2000. “PM1” divisions and its litter mates have been sold through UCDavis plant sales and may be known as “UCD”. Mature pitchers can achieve at least 2.5 inches in height. This form is rare in general cultivation.

Beginning bid is $5 and the winning bidder will pay $10 for shipping within the US. 'Sorry, I cannot ship outside the United States.
$49 But don't worry, Andrew always beats me for the Cephs :p