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(PAID) (adnedarn $55) Petiolaris Drosera Bundle

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Up for auction is a three-species Petiolaris dew bundle containing:
D. fulva (Aposta) Clone 2 (first pic)
D. aff. lanata (Flying Fox Creek) (second pic)
D. broomensis (Deep Creek, the Kimberley) (third pic)

Winner will receive one well-established, rooted rosette from each of the mentioned species above. (Note: some of the photos are of community pots, so the winner will receive one rosette from the pot, not the entire contents of the pot).

Petiolaris dews can be a bit tricky to grow. They like constantly warm temperatures and high humidity. Once happy, though, they grow very quickly. They are not recommended for beginner CP growers.

Opening bid is $5. Winner pays bare-root shipping via USPS Priority Mail ($9). I can only ship within the US.

Happy bidding!


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