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**PAID**(afrodisa $20) Drosera slackii

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Not a Number

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Drosera slackii

Two small - medium sized plants for auction.

This subtropical rosetted South African sundew is distinctive with its guitar shaped leaves and thick red hairs on the undersides. Easy to grow but shy to flower. I've only had them flower once so far in the 8 or so years I've been growing them. Can grow up to four inch diameter rosettes. Propagates easily from root cuttings. Grows readily outdoors in moderate climates (rare frost and temps over 90°F) in standard CP mixes.

Will ship bare root. Winner pays USPS flat rate Priority of $7.20. US only. I cannot supply phytosanitary certificates.

Bidding starts at $2.00

IMGP0599 by Not_a_Number, on Flickr
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afrodisa has paid for this item...please arrange shipping
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Shipping today, USPS Priority Flat Rate. Tracking # given to winner.
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