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(PAID) (Bensbeasts $5) Spider-Beetles (Mezium affine)

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Aug 6, 2013
Up for auction is a colony of 25 Spider-Beetles (Mezium affine).

Not my videos, found randomly online.

Spider Beetles are one of the easiest pet bugs to keep! They are tiny, adorable and definitely one of my favorite pet inverts!

Care is ridiculously easy; keep them bone dry and feed dog biscuits. That's it, for the most part . . . some people keep them on oatmeal (like mealworms), but I prefer ground coco coir (aka bed-a-beast) as a substrate, it must be dry. It seems to keep them cleaner and I like the natural look. Give them places to hide, like stacked cork bark, and that's it. They don't climb smooth surfaces, they can't fly, they don't need water. But Spider Beetles like water, so give them a light spritz once a month or so. Yes, they can live (for years) on just dry dog biscuits (I use organic dog biscuits for them) but they also enjoy (and will breed better) with additional foods like fish foods, cat and dog kibble, dried shrimp, and occasional bits of fruit and veggies. I keep dog biscuits as a stable for egg laying and burrowing. I keep mine at room temp with no supplemental lighting (they often hide from light).

I find spider beetles to be super cute (and they are tiny)! They are nocturnal, but will often come out during the day when fed moist foods or when given a light spray of water. If disturbed, they will play dead for several minutes, so never squash or throw out an animal that looks "dead". But it's funny to see a group get startled, tuck in their legs and fall over. Sometimes they just freeze with legs stiff and rigged! Also, they can be used as feeders for other small critters, but you may not want to feed them off, cause they are so adorable!

In the past, spider beetles were considered a pest, but because they are slow and we now have modern advancements (like vacuum cleaners and plastic containers), it's unlikely they could infest anything. Just be sure to keep them away from your wooden barrel of wheat!

I rarely see Spider Beetles for sale, but I've seen a colony of 20 Spider Beetles go for $25.00.

Shipping is $9 for the USA.

PM with any questions!

Opening Bid $5

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