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PAID (bluemax $10) Cotton Plant Ties (that you need!)

Cotton Plant Ties!!! You need them!!!

Made from recycled old cotton T-shirts. These Plant Ties will biodegrade outside in about a year or so (they do that with me anyway). No need to snip them when your plants get too big, these will eventually break away, freeing your fat vines, or chunky stems! Totally compostable!!!! If you want them cut to a specific size, let me know and I'd be glad to do the work for ya!!!

You need these!!! You grow plants right?? They don't hold themselves up on their own! Goofy lazy vines fall off their trellis sometimes! So fix all your problems and get Cotton Plant Ties from me!

Don't have plants? Then you can knit or weave this "T-shirt Yarn" into a pot holder, a beanie or something else useful. You're creative right?

You'll get all you see in the photos, many many yards of plant ties! Two black, 1 green, 1 pink, 1 brownish. (And don't be greedy! The pen is not included in the auction, it's just to show size!!!)
Actual photo! Yes, I made these! Rather, I cut them for you and the NASC!

$5 shipping for the USA, possible international shipping too!
PM me with questions!

Opening bid: $10 (cause you get a friggen bunch-o-plant ties and it took me a few hours to cut them up!)
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