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(PAID) (Carnivore2 $70) Crazy Interstate atro, my own creation with Waccamaw Parentage

Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Up for auction is one of my own creations. You may have seen photos of this plant floating around (cross 16-4), and it's a stunner!

There is this atro clone floating around called 'Caroline Clone'. Folks used to say it was a real deal Carolina clone, but sadly it is not. It's definitely one of the Mike King F27 blackwater plants. I could go on and on why I believe so, and I have evidence to back myself up, but just take my word for it that the 'Caroline Clone' atro floating around is really a blackwater plant related to MK F27 A-C.

Regardless of being from Florida, the Caroline clone is a fantastic plant. I put Waccamaw pollen on it a few years back, and ended up with just a small set of seeds. I grew them all out and selected only 2 plants to keep. The auction plant is the best clone that I kept. Sorry for the off color photos, the sun choose not to come out at all today, so the camera had a hard time capturing the full color. As a fresh division (taken in Jan 2021), it's completely colored up. Try that with any other atro! This is Florida genes crossed with Carolina genes, which always brings out the best of both worlds.

First three photos are of the exact division you will be getting. The last photo is of the mother plant last summer before I divided it.

Bidding starts at $5, Shipping (US Only) is $8 and can be combined with my other auctions.