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PAID (cekeys $15) LAST MINUTE Terrestrial Utricularia combo pack

Sep 18, 2011
Willamette Valley
As I love Utricularia sp., I figured I would add a couple of plants that haven't been listed for your consideration. Maybe it will gain me some karma to win on those I am bidding on ;]
I will send a small plug of each plant, enclosed in a vial, with a small piece of sphagnum. If any plant arrives dead, let me know and we will try again. As a result of my reticence to ship, shipping and handling will be $10 and payable by the buyer. If I have to reship, it will be on me.
Up for bid:

Utricularia livida: Blah blah blah. flowers prolifically. Not the 'blue' form, but has a bit of color... U_livida.jpg
Utricularia warburgii: A darling purple terrestrial, I've grown this outside in zone 7 for 5+ years. Easy and lovely. 330px-Utricularia_warburgii.jpg
Utricularia pubescens: Now this is a sweet little one. Doesn't grow or flower as easily, but lasts quite a while. I'd recommend lithophytic conditions. 330px-Utricularia_pubescens_flower.JPG 330px-Utricularia_pubescens.JPG
Images representative, from the web.

Once again, bidder pays for 10$ shipping. I'm sorry. Auction starts at $9 USD, shipping to U.S. only. Again, I'm sorry. Please enjoy <3
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