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(PAID) (Cypher $85) Mike King F30 - var. rubricorpora, Liberty Co, FL (Very Dark) - Established division

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Up for auction here is a plant from Mike King's collection in the UK. MKF30, a rubricorpora from Liberty County Florida. Mike's notes mention this plant is very dark, and as you can see, it's quite a stunning rubricorpora. This division was taken in January of 2020, and has had a full growing season to establish. As you can see, it's a multigrowth division, and ready to be the highlight of your collection.

Its easy enough to import plants, but the process of packing and shipping takes its toll and generally plants require a few growing seasons to recover. Skip all that and get yourself a piece of an already established division from my mother plant. This is different genetics than the clones floating around the US, so here's your chance to add some potential outcross genetics to your breeding program.

Bidding starts at $5, shipping (US Only) will be $8 and can be combined with my other auctions.

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This item has been paid, please arrange shipping
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Item received! Thanks for this opportunity!
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