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PAID (Est $12) Passiflora foetida: Auction #3: P. foetida seeds + True CPs

A friend sent me a ton of Passiflora foetida fruits a few days ago. I'm going to start 3 slightly different auctions.

Auction #3 : Passiflora foetida seeds + True CPs. I'll send 100 fresh seeds. Starting bid $2, Postage $5 paid by auction winner, US only.

For this auction I'm adding a couple plants which are known carnivores:

A few fresh Nepenthes ventricosa x vogelii seeds (picture below)

A couple Pinguicula leaves (will add pictures soon)

At least one Drosera leaf cutting, at least D. binata. A "common" but very cool plant.

Passiflora foetida is a plant which displays some elements of carnivory. The consensus right now is that it is probably not carnivorous.

One amazing feature of Passiflora foetida is that it can be grown as an annual, quickly blooming and fruiting from seed.

My friend used to live in MD (suburban DC). She thinks seeds planted in late May should grow and produce and fruit the same year in that climate. The plant can also be cut back and brought inside for the winter. I would recommend planting at least some of the seeds immediately. Passiflora seeds lose viability and/or become slow to germinate upon storage.

The flowers. Note the fascinating sticky bracts, which surround the buds and fruit.

Passiflora foetida flower plus fruits.jpg

Passiflora foetida flower.jpg

The fruits my friend sent. These are grape size, about 20-30 seeds. Tasty but small.

P. foetida fruits from Karyn May 6, 2023.jpg

The seeds:

P. foetida seeds from Karyn 1 May 6, 2023.jpg

P. foetida seeds from Karyn May 6, 2023 2.jpg

The Nepenthes seeds are from a member of this group, who makes very high quality seeds. I can tell his name privately, if anyone is curious. He sent me a bunch of seeds, and I removed a small number for this auction. These are Nepenthes ventricosa x vogelii, which should be a very interesting cross. Seeds are fresh, of course. A friend on here just sowed seeds of his of a different cross, and got very high germination.

I got these seeds in the mail on 5/12/2023. The auction includes all of the seeds below.

Nepenthes ventricosa x vogelii, TF seeds .jpg

Pinguicula leaves are P. gigantea, and maybe one or two others. Picture to follow.

Drosera leaf cuttings are D. binata, maybe D. capensis 'Red'
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Everything arrived and looks great. Thank you!