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(PAID) (Est $25) Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

NEW (5/28): I've added two photos to show two weeks of additional growth/maturation The two largest pitchers (14-15") have nice rugelii coloring and four other pitchers are opening at a smaller size, with at least two more started. I confess to removing the flower shown in the original photos - I was removing flowers from plants in adjacent pots and didn't pay attention to what was connected to what.

Original description: This is a good-sized recent division from a Sarr. flava var. rugelii received from another TF member. It is well-rooted and growing rapidly in full sun in a pot of wood chips in a pan of water.

Not counting the pitcher that was trimmed prior to being shipped to me, the tallest pitcher is 14" and at least five more new pitchers are following it. A pitcher on the mother plant is further along and showing the beginning of the classic rugelii red patch, maybe a little smaller than usual, but I've never had a rugelii before and don't know how the red might expand as the pitcher matures. I'll add photos later in the auction because the tallest pitcher will be open and should be showing some color. I can also include any other photos or description that potential bidders would like to see.

Let the bidding start at $12 and I'll pay Priority Mail shipping if it goes for $25 or more. It'll ship bare-root, with roots in thoroughly-rinsed LFS recycled from a quick-sale orchid pot. US bidders only.




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Confirmed arrival on 6/6! Plants looking great. Thanks again!