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PAID (Est $35) D. capensis 4 pack ("All Red", typical, Bain's Kloof and 'Albino')


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
PAID (Est $35) D. capensis 4 pack ("All Red", typical, Bain's Kloof and 'Albino')

Up for auction is a 4 pack of D. capensis (1 each of "All Red", typical, Bain's Kloof and 'Albino' as shown below)
Starting bid $2
Winner pays priority shipping of $8 USA only plants will be shipped bare root
PM me with any questions

D. capensis "All Red" (These are currently on a bottom shelf, so there is some green but you can see a better example of the plant in its glory here.

D. capensis You can't see the pots, but these plants are big! pots are 3.5" x 6" tall so likely long roots too.

D. capensis Bain's Kloof cool stem forming D. capensis 3.5" pot

D. 'Albino' (some call it Drosera capensis var. alba but it's basically a green form of capensis with white flowers)
These too are in the 3.5" x 6" pots and are large plants