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PAID (FBImurders $22) x [ventricosa x inirmis]

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Up for bid is one N. x [ventricosa x inermis] cutting. I'm calling it a cutting but they were actually cut in December '19 and put into pots. There has been considerable top growth, and even flowers- but in full disclosure I have NOT flipped a pot to see if there are roots. From the amount of top growth, I would assume so. But that's just a guess.

Starting bid $2
Shipping paid by winner priority will probably be around $8 USA only Happy to combine shipping
PM me with any questions before bidding
Photo is of the current plants, I will pick a shorter one with a good amount of growth for you
To see what the pitchers may look like browse here: http://cpphotofinder.com/nepenthes-x-ventricosa-x-inermis--1923.html

Item was shipped 6/2 and shows delivered on 6/8. [MENTION=9107]FBImurders[/MENTION] confirm delivery?
Not open for further replies.