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(PAID) (henrymoore $25) Killer lost tag red tube flava - seed grown selection!

I generally only select a couple of seedlings from each flava cross I plant out. I just grow too many crosses and make the hard choices early on which seedlings to keep. But in moving hundreds of selections from my crosses to a new bench in my big greenhouse, I found a few plants that unfortunately have lost their tag. I don't know what this flava cross is, but rest assured the fact that it didn't get composted 2 years ago means it was a standout in it's pod. The pitchers have just opened, so I expect it to get redder as the season goes on. Here's your chance to add a killer multi growth flava selection from my extensive breeding program. This thing is going to be a specimen in no time!

Bidding starts at $5. Shipping is $8 and i'll always combine multiple auctions