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(PAID) (Nepenthes0260 $40) Supermax - crazy tall flava maxima clone from the fly trap king

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Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Supermax is a crazy tall and very vigorous flava maximish clone from the Flytrap King himself, Josh Lynch. I say maximish because that this plant really is, is a veinless cuprea. It has such wonderful light copper tones and a complete absence of veins. This clone gets very tall once established, and has hit 36" in my greenhouse. Vigorous too! Just an all around standout clone. Not the most common clone out there, and certainly a very uniquely colored one. This plant was originally collected from the wild a very long time ago, and has confirmed North Carolina origins (but no county level information).

This division was taken in January of this year, and is establishing nicely. Bidding starts at $5, shipping is $8 (US only) and can be combined with my other auctions.

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