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PAID (NewspaperFort $22) Orchid: Cattleya intermedia

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Feb 9, 2003
almost Hartford
This auction is for two Cattleya intermedia plants grown from a Meyers Conservancy flask. You can see the pedigree and parent flower photos at http://troymeyers.com/direct/?017159. Note that one of the parents is a blue. Here's some background about the species: http://www.aos.org/orchids/collectors-items/cattleya-intermedia.aspx

This species doesn't need a greenhouse here in CT. The plants are in a coarse orchid mix and hang in a tree to get dappled light during the outdoor season. I try to keep orchids above 50F, but they survive lower when I'm not paying attention. I bring them into the house or take them to work for the winter, leaving them in a bright window. I water them once a week when they're indoors, soaking them in a pot of tepid water for 15 minutes, and water them a couple times a week when they're outdoors unless it rains. Your mileage may vary.

The plants probably have experienced temperatures from 40F - 105F and winter humidities that have stayed in the 25% range. It's a tough plant. If I lived in an appropriate climate or had a greenhouse, I'd mount the plants.

One of the plants seems to be nearly blooming size. It has two new growth points and the photos show it in a 5" pot. The 2nd plant is a sibling that fought off a squirrel attack while hanging in a tree last summer. It took a beating (and a pruning) but it's doing fine now and has one new growth point (see 6" basket photos).

Opening Bid is $10 (shipping included).

I will ship the plants bare-root, so you'll need to be ready with whatever planting materials you prefer. I will pay the cost to ship within the US by Priority Mail and I can't ship the plants outside the US.

I'm happy to answer any questions, but I will be out of town the final week of the auction and for a few days after, with very limited internet access at times. I will try to check in to respond to any questions, etc, but can make no guarantees.


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