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(PAID) (Pinguiculas $60) established division of flava var flava from Dorchester County South Carolina

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up for auction today is a super hard to find var flava clone with location data from Dorchester County South Carolina. This was imported a few years ago from Klein in Germany, and was labeled as:
S. flava var. flava, Honeysuckle Road, Harleyville, Dorchester Co clone 3, typical strong veined flava clone

This is a pretty tall and pretty vigorous clone. I don't have to tell you that plants from Dorchester County are very hard to find in cultivation, and with just a handful of clones floating around Europe, they aren't very common in the states. This was a division I pulled from my mother plant in January of this year, and it is establishing very nicely. Don't miss out on your chance to get ahold of a hard to find location data plant. You are bidding on the exact plant below

Bidding starts at $5, shipping is $8 (US only) which can be combined with my other auctions

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