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(PAID) (Pinguiculas $90) Crazy colorful Miramar Beach flava ornata - one of the best ornata out there!

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Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Ok, are you sitting down? Here's one that you don't see very often. Up for auction today is a single growth fresh (taken jan 2021) division of one of the most colorful flava ornata out there. I don't let these go very often, but when they are available, they aren't cheap. This clone originated from the great Phil Faulisi, and i've been growing it for a number of years. I generally don't divide it, but i've got one extra piece that could be yours today.

The plants in the Miramar Beach area, at least at one of the largest remaining sites, slowly infuse color over time, and this clone is no exception. It opens with faint red in the throat, and over the course of a few weeks gets a bad case of strep throat and gets the most intense radiating red throat. I have A LOT of ornata, but none that do anything like this. I've done a little bit of breeding with it, and it certainly seems to bring a strong throat patch in it's progeny.

The first three photos are of the exact clone you are bidding on. The final photo is of the mother plant you division was taken from.

Bidding starts at $5. Shipping will be $8 (US only), and can be combined with my other auctions.

Don't miss out - these don't come along often!

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