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(PAID) (ProReNatura $15) Spiranthes cernua and Viola lanceolata Mixed Pot

Apr 8, 2019
Up for auction is this pot of Spiranthes cernua and Viola lanceolata. It's a mixed pot but there is everything from young plantlets/seedlings to mature flowering sized individuals of both species here. Both are great bog plants and spread pretty quickly, making a really nice display in the spring (for the Viola) and fall (for the Spiranthes).

Buyer to pay shipping based on zip code. Plants will ship bare root. If possible, buyer will be given the choice between first class and priority mail, which would likely be somewhere around $5 and $8 respectively. USA only.

Bidding starts at $5

I'm faster on email than I am on PM with the forum, so feel free to email me at tjwilt.TW@gmail.com if you have any questions! Thanks!


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