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(PAID) (Replantation $50) Select Solid Red - A Calen Hall interstate atro that you need to have!

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Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Up for auction today is Select Solid Red, a selection from Calen Hall. Word on the street is that he obtained this plant from California Carnivores as a seedling back in the day. It's a rubricorpora X cuprea, but unsure which specific clones are in it's parentage. Either way, it's a stunner of a plant. Back when I got this plant directly from Calen, I didn't have near as many plants and I had to beg him for a division. And it was totally worth it!

This plant is a little slow to color up for me, and being tucked next to some towering Doreens Colossus divisions means it's not showing it's true potential just yet. Give it some full sun and it will catch on fire in no time.

First three photos are of the actual double growth division you are getting. The last photo is of my mother plant mid summer last year. Bidding starts at $5, shipping (US Only) is $8 and can be combined with my other auctions.

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