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*PAID*(seige $35) Burgundy Bundle VFT/Sarracenia

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Oct 3, 2016
New Franklin, OH
Up for auction I have a small Maroon Monster division and a small S.leucophylla 'burgundy' x dark pink.

The Maroon Monster has some etoliated growth because I did a fridge dormancy, but it's been out for a few weeks now and is starting to put up new growth. The picture is the exact plant you will receive.

I received the Sarr from Mike Wang last spring early summer. Unlike some leuco's this guy seems to pitcher spring and fall. If you like pinks and purples, this is a must have. This is a pic of last year's pitchers for reference.

This is the plant you will receive.

Shipping will be bare root and on me. Both will be shipped to US residents only in a small flat rate box. I can be contacted here or at crazybonez.hb@gmail.com.

Start the bidding at $5.

Best of luck, and thanks to everyone who is participating!

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