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(PAID) (Shannonebol $65) Killer Red Tube Flava - So killer Phil Faulisi wanted me to send him a piece! And I did!

I have a lot of flava. Just, I mean, it's a lot. And over the years I've added tons of plants from folks all over the US. This particular clone lost it's origin somewhere along the way, but nonetheless, it is a standout clone. Back in 2018, the great Phil Faulisi graced his presence at my greenhouse, and this was one of the plants that he asked me to send him a division of. So, since I didn't have any provenance info, it became the flava rubricorpra 'sent to Faulisi' once I got him his piece.

It's a killer plant, and now it can be 'sent to you'.

Bidding starts at $5, shipping $8 and will be combined with additional winnings