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(PAID)(shuddles08 $81) flava Red Marble - super chunky vigorous flava

Sep 30, 2019
Washington State
Up for auction today is a division of flava Red Marble. This clone originated with Karen Oudean, and while i don't know the back story of it, I can assure you that it is a very vigorous, very chunky clone once it gets established. Not quite a rubricorpora, and not quite an ornata, it straddles that line but flava don't care about our artificial color designations. This is a very fast growing clone that has one of the thickest, chunkiest lip rolls. The division you are getting was taken earlier this year and is establishing well. Once it settles in, it will rapidly divide for you and turn into a hedge in no time.

Bidding starts at $5. Shipping is $8 (US only) which can be combined with my other auctions. The first 3 photos is the exact division you will be getting, and the last photo is of one of my mother plants from last year.

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