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(PAID) (SunnySundew $15) Mystery Dew

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SirKristoff is a poopiehead
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It's a long tradition for me to put up a mystery dew in the NASC Teraforums auction.

Up for bid, 1 Mystery Dew.
I'll give hints to the ID of this dew but I will give away what it is.

I think this dew is from the mountains of Hawaii. Of course it's not native to Hawaii. It is a man made hybrid.

Now for the legal stuff. Please read before bidding.

This dew is nothing rare and is readily obtainable by almost any CP'er. Remember this auction is for charity. Of course I will send the above mentioned dew but please consider your bid a donation to nasc.

If I think the bids get high enough I may or may not include some free D.intermedia and/or D.capillaris.

Bidding starts at $1
US only
I'll pay shipping.
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