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**PAID**(wide.peristome@gmail.com $75) Nepenthes Lowii x Ventricosa EP Cutting

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Dec 17, 2013
After five years of growing stuff, I feel that this is the time to give back to the community (this forum & NASC rather).

So what I'm offering is a (basal) cutting of my Lowii x Ventricosa that originates from Exotica Plants.
This is a Highland plant, but can be grown as intermediate as well due to the Ventricosa heritage.
The winner will receive a freshly cut, 3-4 node cutting of the plant pictured on the right side, pitcher is a sample from the mother plant.
I will trim the leaves to about half the size to reduce transpiration upon cutting and to increase the chance for the cutting to be successful.
This is an easy plant to root, but please be advised that know how to treat a Nepenthes cutting is still needed (there are a lot of resources out there).

Let's open the bidding at $20, shipping will be billed to the buyer at $12 with Priority Mail anywhere in the USA (no international buyers/shipments please).

Contact me through PM if you have any questions.

With that said, happy bidding, and bid generously!


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