I'm from Nebraska, but have started reaching out to local zoos and children's museums to let me put my plants on display for a week or two. I've had quite a bit of bites already and am going to be putting together an exhibit this spring at a museum and two local children's zoos.

What I'd like to do is have pamphlets or ready made material regarding conservation to hand out to people. Does the nasc have such a thing?

I am going to be joining the organization itself very soon, but wanted to get the ball rolling now to see if there were handouts readily available for someone like me.

If there is something nice and colorful that would be best. Suggestions?
Let me know how this goes. I'm recently graduated with a Media Arts & Science degree (video, audio, photography, and graphic design) and am looking to make some portfolio pieces. If they don't have anything pre made, maybe I can make one for you to print out.
Okay. Will do.

I will be showing off a lot of plants (I have quite the bidding collection). Sarrs will only be a subset. So pamphlets about any and all variety would be cool.
So you're looking for more of an informational pamphlet on various carnivorous species? Something that says Sarracenias are temperate, and what region they're from? Stuff like that?
In this age of digital information sharing, printed pamphlets are often viewed as very expensive and not particularly cost effective. If it were me, I would design a nice looking card that had the URLs listed for three or four relevant "mission statement" pages (the NASC has one, as do many others) and hand that out. You can have business card sized cards printed quite inexpensively, and you have an opportunity to point folks to considerably more detailed info than what a single 8.5 X 11" handout can provide. However, if you are really married to the idea of a full-sized handout, you can design your own and have it printed (Office Max, for example) on a single sheet of 8.5 X 11 (both sides if you wish) for a reasonable cost. Either way, I think this is going to be a DIY project, not something you can expect any of the conservancy orgs to provide. I could be wrong, but you need to contact the NASC and ask them.
Hey guys.

First, I totally never expected these conservatories to provide the pamphlets for me; I know it came across that way, but that's not the case. Some places - and this is what I was after - have downloadable PDFs or something to that effect that can be printed off. The reason I was asking for this is because the most important thing for me is to get the factual information correct, meaning I wanted to make sure whatever DIY thing I did was a service to the conservatory and didn't get information wrong. To that end, I figured maybe there was something out there they provided. I didn't see anything on the site, and so I came here. This newsgroup is very fast at responding, and it had a section about the conservatory, and so I asked here. I will ask them too.

Second, I like the idea of business cards. However, I was hoping whatever printed sheet I had could also be taped up on walls when the exhibits were at Museums and I wasn't around, etc. So whether I handed out a bunch of stuff, or whether I just taped it up, I wanted it to be the same.

punpkinface - As far as your questions are concerned: the most important thing for me is to make sure to relay the information "buy from a reputable grower", and "go here for more information". I wanted something that would declare loudly these plants are in danger in certain places, that you should be wary when buying from Lowes. To that end, perhaps listing a number of good sellers in North America, and then pointing people to the conservatories would be good. Does that make sense?

Bottom line, I want whatever I do to be a justice to the plants themselves and to the causes surrounding the plants. Make sense? Perhaps PM me if you are still interested in helping me design this out.


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Wow, thanks for wanting to help spread the word about NASC! Actually, we DO have an information pamphlet that we've recently revised, and that we've given out at things like the ICPS conference. If you shoot me an email at president(at) I can hook you up.