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Passifloras: trade for Nepenthes (1 set) plus giveaway (2 sets).

I propagate a lot of Passifloras. Here's the deal.

For a trade, I have the following: P. lindeniana, P. sanguinolenta, P. 'Preciosa' (P. macrocarpa x P. alata), P. foetida (from Oaxaca). I'm interested in trading for Nepenthes plants, cuttings (rooted/unrooted), seedlings, seeds.

P. lindeniana is particularly famous because it is one of the few Passifloras that grows as a tree, up to 20 m (> 60 ft.). See links below.

For 2 sets of giveaways, for postage: All of the above except P. lindeniana. In other words, P. sanguinolenta, P. 'Preciosa' and P. foetida.

For the one person trading, I might be able to include or substitute a couple others. This might include variegated P. membranacea, P. antioquiensis seedlings, P. bogotensis, P. 'Mission Dolores', maybe others. Maybe cuttings (P. 'Mission Dolores', non-variegated P. membranacea, others...). Most of these are cool growers (also P. lindeniana), which need either a cool greenhouse, or somewhere near the California coast. Think ultra-highland Nepenthes--they are from above 2000 m in the Andes. I also have other plants I could take cuttings of.

Here are the plants and cuttings. The P. 'Preciosa cuttings were taken tonight and probably need about 3 weeks to root (in water). Shipping would depend on what is sent potted. Everything potted might push things into the 1-2 pound range. Probably it's OK (below 1 lb total) if P. sanguinolenta is kept in the tiny "pots", and P. 'Preciosa' is sent unrooted or barefoot.

1) Passiflora lindeniana, a tree Passiflora from subgenus Astrophea. Here are a couple links (the Wikipedia article is surprisingly good):



2) Passilfora sanguinolenta. Not a big, flashy Passiflora, but smallish, and elegant. It's the favorite of many, because it's a reliable bloomer, and has nice, often variegated, batwing leaves. Here's the first bloom of my plant:

3) Passiflora 'Preciosa' a hybrid of P. macrocarpa 'Blue Moon', a species which is sometimes considered P. quadrangularis, and P. alata. It is therefore a "P. decaisneana-like" hybrid. A big, vigorous plant, with huge leaves. It blooms really well for me in a cool, frost-free SF Bay Area climate. It also is OK with heat. Flowers are stunning, and very fragrant (!) Produces fruit with the right pollinator (including P. caerulea, P. loefgrenii). I'm really impressed with this hybrid.

4) Passiflora foetida. This is one of the species with sticky bracts surrounding the buds, flowers, and fruit. Most have not been convinced it's carnivorous, the question being whether it produces enzymes and digests the bugs that the sticky bracts collect. I have not seen this plant bloom--it's from seeds I was sent, from Oaxaca in Mexico. A friend in Palo Alto bloomed it, but she did not take a picture--I saw it too late. It did not bloom for me in my shady growing area (1st year), and I I've been told the species tend to not bloom in cool summer areas.
You definitely grow some interesting plants, Randy! Good luck with the trade.
goods, if any of the vining ones are of interest, don't hesitate to ask and I'll send something. They all are vigorous growers that root easily in water. I have no shortage of them....
One of the sets of P. sanguinolenta/P. foetida/P. 'Preciosa' is gone. The other set, and also the set with the P. lindeniana, are still available.

I would emphasize what a cool and unusual plant P. lindeniana is. Besides being a tree, it gets huge leaves. Under ideal conditions (a friend growing it in Coastal Southern California), I'm told it can grow to as much as 5 feet in its first year. It's generally a very hard to find plant.
All of those look pretty cool, especially the P. lindeniana, and begonias from your other thread! I may have a few cuttings from my maxima hybrid coming up. If your interested ill let you know when I'm ready to cut.
tje25--sounds interesting. I will message you.
So at this point, I definitely have at least one set of the P. sanguinolenta + P. 'Preciosa' + P. foetida available for postage.
I just wanted to mention that I still have some of these (P. sanguinolenta plus P. 'Preciosa'), possibly a P. foetida plant. Plus I have a lot of seeds, mentioned in other posts, plus others...

The P. 'Preciosa' cuttings that I'm rooting in water look great. Only one does not have roots; the big one on the right has short roots:

You may notice that there is a fruit in the picture. That should be my second fruit on that vine that ripens. I forgot and left out the scale on the above. Here's the fruit back in October:

The plant is not normally self-fertile, so pollen from a different plant needs to be applied. In this case I used Passiflora 'Mission Dolores'. This is an unlikely donor, and if it did make a hybrid it could be wonderful, or bizarre. Chances are it somehow made the flower self-pollinate. Still, we should be able to tell quickly if there are seedlings, as the influence from a father so different should be obvious.

As a reminder, here's what 'Preciosa' looks like--a repeat from above, followed by 'Mission Dolores'. Wow.

X ???

'Preciosa' has big, powerfully scented flowers, delicious fruit. 'Mission Dolores' has huge (7 inch flowers), peduncles up to 24 inches and delicious fruit. It could be fun.