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Grow list (6/29/2016 updated)

D. filiformis (temperate) - seed grown (ICPS seed bank)*
D. filiformis 'Florida all red' - seed grown*
D. binata [Coromandel, NZ] (warm temperate) - seed grown (ICPS seed bank)
D. binata f. multifida f. extrema*
D. binata ‘Marston Dragon'*
D. intermedia [Florida] - seed grown (ICPS seed bank)*
D. burmannii - Hong Kong
D. burmannii - Humpty Doo, Australia
D. x beleziana 'Nightmare' - hybrid of rotundifolia x intermedia from Tom Riever, NJ*
D. capensis var. alba
D. capensis*
D. adelae

'Korean Melody Shark'
‘Peter d’amoco green clone'
'B52 x Low Giant'
Typical VFT

N. x [spectabilis x aristolochioides]
N. x [eymae x ephippiata]
N. vogelii BE TC
N. burkei
N. campanulata
N. ‘Miranda’
N. ‘red leopard'
N. x dyeriana
N. 'Gentle'
N. x ventrata
N. x [Burkei x Hamata]
N. x [Petiolata x Spectabilis]
N. x [veitchii x maxima "Large Form"]

P. lutea
P. kondoi
P. agnata 'True Blue'*
P. agnata 'Scented flower'
P. agnata 'Red leaf'
P. moctezumae
P. colimensis
P. ehlersiae
P. primuliflora ‘rose’
P. primuliflora ‘white flower'
P. planifolia
P. caerulea
P. gypsicola
P. 'Lautner 92/52'
P. rotundiflora
P. chilensis

P. agnata x emarginata*
P. emarginata x agnata*
P. emarginata x cyclosecta
P. 'Apasionada'*
P. 'Pirouette' *
P. agnata ‘Ture Blue’ x moranensis var. alba*
P. ehlersiae x oblongiloba*
P. agnata x jaumavensis
P. esseriana x emarginata*
P. agnata 'long leaf’ x moranensis
P. esseriana x gypsicola

U. praelonga*
U. 'Betty's bay'
U. gibba*
U. reniformis?? (obtained labeled as "U. nelumbifolia”, but looks like U. reniformis)
U. bremii*
U. foliosa*
U. tricolor
U. pubescens

G. hispidula

Unknown clone with less red color

S. leucophylla - Chipola, FL
S. Oreo X Willisii

Japanese Aldrovanda*

* indicates the plant I have extra for trade. Welcome for offer.

Want list:
I am primarily looking for any CPs with more interest for Pinguicula laueana and Tuberous drosera.
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